The Maverick Podcast #84: Wikileaks Exposes the Shadow Government

Podcast covering VAULT SEVEN, the Trump tower phone tap scandal, Rand Paul’s fantastic new healthcare plan and more. —>

This week on The Maverick, host Benjamin Knight dissects the Wikileaks Vault 7 release exposing the globalist DEEP STATE.

Listen for details on the dragnet surveillance program responsible for spying on your smart phone, your smart TV, your computer microphone and more. Also, news on the shadow government’s backdoor through Microsoft operating systems. We’ll have a full explanation on how the Vault 7 dump TOTALLY VINDICATES President Trump and DESTROYS the Trump-Russia narrative.

In the second half of the show Knight will cover the latest news on:

-Speculation arises that whistleblower Michael Hastings was assassinated after Wikileaks reveals the CIA can remotely crash vehicles and planes.

-Rand Paul’s PERFECT healthcare plan and why the GOP’s replacement bill is essentially “Obamacare lite.”

-A new poll showing New Yorkers don’t want Hillary Clinton to run for mayor.

-Roger Stone says the Obamagate wiretapping scandal could be worse than watergate.

-Obama AG Loretta Lynch’s role in the Trump tower phone tap.

-Stephen Hawking promotes GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

-Useless “gender studies” degrees.

-A France mayor is fined nearly $2,000 for criticizing Islam.

It’s a HIGH ENERGY show as usual, tune in below!

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