NY Times: We Hate the Internet, We Lost Control of the Narrative

NY Times editorial admits the mainstream media is failing. —>

The NY Times published an editorial on 3/2 in which writer Thomas Edsall asserted that the rise of alternative media outlets and the free exchange of information on the Internet both threaten Democracy.

Translation?  We’re losing control of the narrative and we hate that people are thinking for themselves.

It was only a few weeks ago that the daughter of anti-American globalist Zebignu Brzezinski said it was the media’s job to control thought.

The level of narcissism and arrogance emitted from fake news “journalists” is simply unbelievable.

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  1. Why of course…This whole debacle concerning Trump and the Russians is an attempt by the leftist Democrats to control the thoughts of the American people by using the liberal national news media as their outlet of disinformation and “fake” news…It has been this way and escalating for nearly half a century which until recently the American public hadn’t caught on…me thinks a segment of the sleeping American public has now been awakened and they are disgusted with the manner with which both political parties are conducting themselves…the behavior of these two parties has become deplorable in the eyes of the American people.

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