The Maverick #83: Bible Prophecy Special w/ Barry Secrest And Lee Daniel

Ever wonder how the Bible can tell the future?  Listen to this epic podcast to find out.  —>


We the Vigilant founder Benjamin Knight from “The Maverick” Podcast, US Navy veteran and Conservative Refocus founder Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel from CR Live present an epic meeting of the minds: A super roundtable discussion on Bible prophecy and the end times.

Listen for a roundtable on the following:

-Revelation 13: What is the “Mark of the Beast”? Will all people really be required to take a mark one day that will enable them to buy or sell? Will everyone really be forced to worship the Antichrist’s image?

-Was President Trump anointed by God?

-Is the tribulation BEFORE or AFTER the rapture? Is there a difference between the tribulation and God’s wrath?

-The Bible tells us the Antichrist will rule over all nations, is this proof of a coming “New World Order?”

-We will also review the various claims made in “The Daniel Project” documentary. We will analyze the Biblical predictions laid out in this film and prove that many have come true. From Jews being exiled and scattered around the world to the rise of moral relatavism in the modern era, we will cover historical events and explain how they align with the scriptures.

If you’ve ever wondered if the Bible can predict the future, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!

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