Reaction: Trump Delivers Epic First Address to Congress, Promotes “America First” Agenda

Trump’s speech was a reminder that the days of selling America out to the highest bidder are over.  —>

58th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony

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President Donald Trump delivered perhaps his most effective speech ever Tuesday night live before Congress and millions of Americans watching at home.

The 45th POTUS reiterated his intention to put America first, negotiate fair (key word) trade deals designed to spark economic growth, bring jobs back to the country, secure the border and defeat radical Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.  He also reaffirmed his support for the families of victims of illegal immigrant criminal gangsters and he reminded Americans that he will work to protect the sovereignty of this republic above all else.

Trump hasn’t deviated at all from his many campaign promises, a sign that he plans on following through with his nationalist platform as advertised.

Leftists responded to the speech largely by refusing to clap for most of the night – even during a standing ovation for a fallen military hero that brought a widow to tears.  What else would you expect from the Marxist left?

Watch the video below for more thoughts from yours truly directly after the event went off the air:


President Trump’s full speech:




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  1. Trump’s speech was amazing, and he has really proved to be a true American patriot who cares about this country and it’s people. Commiecrats can kick, scream, cry, riot, protest, vanadalize buildings, burn American flags and screech about racism and sexism, but the fact remains-PRODUCTIVE, HARD-WORKING citizens of this nations have had it with their failed socialist agenda. The way they have acted in the face of defeat is making them an even bigger joke and causing alot more people, including long-time democrats, to turn away from them. They hate what’s happening because commiecrats want lots of poor, dumb, dependent people. Jobs and prosperity ruins their plans! When people are working and self-sufficient, commiecrats can’t pretend to champion for them and throw them tax-funded crumbs and table scraps-just enough to keep them on the poverty plantation and voting democrat to survive. This is precisely why they want the poorest, dumbest, most easily brainwashed, tribal-voting 3rd worlders here-for votes and nothing more! But the tables have turned , and True Americans have shown that we will NEVER allow socialism/communism to take over our great nation! It’s so sad that even in the face of crushing defeat, these liberals still don’t seem to get it. Name calling, Rioting and protesting, smear campaigns, refusing to work with the president ect doesn’t do anything but make them look like exactly what they are, sore losers who don’t give a damn about the nation or the people in it, they only want CONTROL! Keep it up Commiecrats, you might never see the WH again!

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