Wikileaks: John McCain Illegally Asked For Campaign Donations From Russian Ambassador Who Died Suddenly on Monday

McCain is the real “Russian agent.” —>


Senator John McCain as a presidential candidate in 2008 illegally asked for campaign contributions from Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations who suddenly died Monday, according to intel released by Wikileaks.

The documents show the same neocon globalist who has been attacking President Trump for perceived ties to the Russian government propositioned the Russians himself for illegal donations.

McCain has yet to address the leak. The corporate old media will likely ignore this story to continue propagating their fake Trump-Putin conspiracy.

Read Russia’s response to the Arizona senator’s request for funds below:

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  • oldgringo

    It wouldn’t surprise me if McCain isn’t behind the leaks and “fake” news stories surrounding Donald Trump…I believe McCain has mental issues…He also is using his contacts with the CIA and our intelligence agencies to undermine the Trump presidency…I wouldn’t trust McCain any further than I can spit…and that’s not very far…I voted for McCain once because I felt sorry for him because of his POW connection…I may have been fooled once but McCain will never fool me again…He is a sleaze ball and defiantly not a Republican I would care to associate with, trust, or vote for…He needs to be removed from his Senate seat.