“Christian” University in Texas Opens Prayer Room For Muslim Students

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A Christian university in Texas has created a prayer room for its Muslim students.

The Methodist-affiliated McMurry Universitydedicated the space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers.

Before its creation, Muslim students met for prayer in a nearby hotel, a student who helped establish the new prayer room told The College Fix in an interview.

That student, Joe Yousef, is president of McMurry’s Saudi Student Club. Of the roughly 1,000 students attending McMurry, about 60 are Muslim and many come from Saudi Arabia, Yousef said.


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  1. in 1966-67 while attending OCC, prior to it becoming a University, I traveled to Tulsa, OK with roommates, for the holidays. In those years I thought it strange to see a ‘prayer tower’ for Christians on the ORU campus. I wonder now if Oral Roberts wasn’t ahead of the times.

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