Trump Was Right: Skyrocketing Rape, Violent Crime Rates in Sweden Linked to Open Borders

Muslims account for 77% of rapes in Sweden --->

President Trump received a deluge of attacks by corporate fakestream media outlets following his epic speech in Melborne, Florida for suggesting that Sweden’s open-door policies have failed miserably.

Well, he’s right.

According to 2013 figures, Muslim immigrants are responsible for 77% of the rapes in the European nation despite accounting for just 2% of the male population.

Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries behind Southern Africa’s Lesotho. Violent crime has skyrocketed by 300% since Swedes changed their prior immigration laws to promote forced multiculturalism and the integration of unassimalatable migrants.

From 1975 to 2014, rape increased by 1,472% with 421 cases being reported in 1975 compared to 6,620 in 2014.  Incidents rose sharply over the last five years, which correlates with the country taking upwards of 190,000 Islamic asylum seekers.

Preliminary numbers for 2016 show that sex crimes increased by 13%.

These statistics don’t even account for the fact Swedish law enforcement officials have covered up Muslim rapes by claiming “refugee” offenders are actually natives

Additionally, large riots have broken out in immigrant concentrated areas according to multiple Swedish sources.

In response to Trump’s comment, fake leftist news outlets made it appear as if the president asserted a terrorist attack had occurred Thursday night, despite his off-the-cuff remark clearly being aimed at Sweden’s lackadaisical border policies established by globalists in Brussels.

Watch my video report on this below:


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1 Comment on Trump Was Right: Skyrocketing Rape, Violent Crime Rates in Sweden Linked to Open Borders

  1. It is now being said that Germany will not report any crimes or rapes committed by refugees…informing the German public that such things are happening under Merkle’s governorship is now taboo…So much for “free” speech in Germany.


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