Dumb & Dumber Democrat “Elites” Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters Think Bush is Still President and Russia’s Invading Korea (Youtube)

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Most Americans were already painfully aware of the full, if not scary, story, on the Democrats and their, for the most part, mentally challenged collective dispensation.

However, recently, America was treated to yet another revealingly disturbing refresher.

First, an increasingly debilitated Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the filthy rich & somewhat dumb leader of the Dems who frequently delivers tirades against the wealthy, claimed to be disappointed with President Bush because she just doesn’t think she can work with him, on anything.

We can only wonder exactly what Pelosi has against clearing brush in Texas, or; maybe it’s the constant mountain biking?

It’s probable that she was referring to Trump but was having one of those deep, yet understandable, geriatric moments.

Then even dumber Maxine Waters dutifully followed.

Many believe that it was Waters who announced her feelings on American astronauts planting the US flag on Mars, but actually, that was another Democrat. Waters, in fact, is the congresswoman who spoke of nationalizing US oil companies & thought it was outrageous that Tea Party members were waving the US Flag, during a protest.

Should they have burned it?

But, this time, Waters let slip her feelings on Russia’s invasion of Korea, which is actually a communist proxy nation of China, not Russia, or, did she mean South Korea, which would mean WW3?

Maybe Waters was confusing Korea with Crimea, or, maybe she’s just missing the Ukraine factor; we’re really not sure, at this point, but, we’re really just eternally grateful that America has somehow survived, up to this point, especially after Obama.

It was dumb and dumber in full regalia.

God, for a surety, must be watching over us.

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