Trilateral Commission Member Promotes Globalism, Bashes Trump Refugee Policy on Leftist Fake News Show

David Miliband brainwashes the masses on “The Daily Show” with liberal propagandist Trevor Noah. —>

British Labor Party politician and Trilateral Commission member David Miliband promoted world government and bashed President Trump’s refugee policy on the 2/1 edition of “The Daily Show” with leftist propagandist Trevor Noah.

Miliband referred to Trump’s refugee policy as “a propaganda gift” for ISIS and Al Qaeda, and a move that is “emboldening enemies nervermind a shock for the allies of refugee resettlement work.” He also claimed there’s a “human side” of the story that gets “lost in the statistics.”

Perhaps the globalist shill was referring to the fact 1 in 7 refugees have sympathies towards ISIS.

Miliband conveniently ignored the truth about Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic sparked by open borders and he omitted the fact an overwhelming number of Islamic refugees in Sweden are not working.

He continued:

“The truth is refugees are not terrorists they are victims of terror…Now what’s happening is ISIS using this as a recruitment tool saying ‘as you can see America doesn’t want Muslims in their country'”

It’s worth noting that President Trump has promised to negotiate with rich gulf states that haven’t taken any refugees (despite being landlocked with war-torn nations) to establish a “safe zone” for those who need foreign aid.  Leftists apparently won’t be satisfied unless the president adheres to their vision of forced multiculturalism, even if it doesn’t work.

The Trilateral Commission member then promoted world government and repudiated Trump’s “America First” pro-borders ideology, saying America shouldn’t be isolated from the global stage. “The world’s got smaller,” he said. “If your neighbor’s house is on fire then your house is on fire.”

In his book “Rule by Secrecy”, author Jim Marrs reveals how the Trilateral Commission started.  He writes:

“The concept of the Trilateral Commission was originally brought to (David) Rockefeller by Zbigniew Brzezinski, then head of the Russian Studies Department at Columbia University. While at the Brookings Institution, Brzezinski had been researching the need for closer cooperation between the trilateral nations of Europe, North America, and Asia.

“… With the blessing of the Bilderbergers and the CFR, the Trilateral Commission began organizing on July 23-24, 1972, at the 3,500-acre Rockefeller estate at Pocantico Hills… New York.

“… The Trilateral Commission officially was founded on July 1, 1973, with David Rockefeller as chairman. Brzezinski was named founding North American director.” pp. 22-24  (source)

The purpose of the Commission is to deflect attention from the Council on Foreign Relations, another organization bent on submerging US sovereignty and establishing global governance. It’s a shadowy group of international banker elites who have banded together to protect their equity and ensure nations around the world are beholden to their interests.

Evidently, Trevor Noah believes Miliband, a member of a satanic New World Order Bilderberger/Rockefeller/Brzezinski faction, has the right to lecture America on immigration policy.

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  1. Ahhh…Yes…These groups have been around for years in their attempts to destabilize the US to their financial benefit…They are not our friends…Their agenda is world government by consent or force…They also have a very close alliance with the liberal national news media and the Democratic Party…That alone should tell us something.

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