Proof: Leftist “Journalists” Are Liars

Corporate media dying as Trump presidency restores America. —>


Violent leftist protesters attacked Trump supporters and destroyed property at UC Berkely Wednesday night, leading to the President issuing a warning on Twitter that he may withdraw federal funds from the school if it continues to suppress free speech from those who don’t align with regressive Marxists.

How did the corporate leftist media choose to report this?


Fake news “journalist” Lizzie Dearden is responsible for perhaps the most misleading headline in history.  It makes no mention of the violent left-wing rioters who were viciously attacking people, setting things on fire, destroying property and wreaking havoc on the streets because a right-wing speaker scheduled an event on campus.

No, it instead makes it appear as if President Trump is threatening to withdraw funding from UC Berkeley solely because the school cancelled a Breitbart editor’s talk.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The level of dishonesty here is absolutely astounding.

Only in the sub-head does the article mention “agitators” who “smashed windows” before the event, but nowhere does it refer to the fact those “agitators” were LEFT-WING PSYCHOPATHS.

This is yet another example of the lying media promulgating fake news designed to deceive and indoctrinate rather than inform.

Here’s another one:

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The Communist News Network in the above headline referred to Milo’s fans as “white supremacists”, a slur that is utterly false.  This is what leftists do, anyone who disagrees with them is labeled, smeared and attacked.  It’s sickening.

It’s time to boycott these corporate hacks and support alternative news outlets, Worldnet Daily, Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge, Tru News and others.

For more instances of old media dishonesty, check out The Daily Caller’s list of 24 lies over a span of just 48 hours.

1. Entire Media Lies About Trump’s Refugee Pause Being a “Muslim Ban”

Using 7 countries designated by the Obama administration as failed states crawling with Islamic terrorists, the Trump administration instituted a pause on the admission of foreign nationals coming from those countries for 90 days, and halted the refugee programs from all countries for 120 days to beef up the vetting process. In the 40-plus other Muslim-majority countries throughout the world, immigration continues as usual.

A Muslim ban would ban Muslims. Trump’s refugee pause affects all people of all religions and does not at all affect over three dozen other Muslim-majority countries.

Calling this a Muslim Ban is an outright lie.

2. CNN Lies About Tying Fox News In the Ratings On Inauguration Day

The ratings weren’t even close. CNN came in a distant second place, a humiliating second pace.

3. Time Magazine Blames Misreporting On Trump

Time Magazine’s Ryan Teague Beckwith attempted to blame misreporting on Trump’s Executive Orders on Trump. This of course is an absurd lie. The Executive Orders might not be released as quickly as Time would like, but that in no way excuses Fake News from left-wing reporters attempting to fill in the blanks to suit their own twisted agenda.

4. Washington Post “Fact Checker” Attempts to Gin Up Dissent Against Trump

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, the single most dishonest member of the media I have ever come across, used his Twitter feed to outright manufacture Fake News against Trump. He called on foreign-service officers to sign a dissent memo, which would then become an anti-Trump story.



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