Watch: Pro-Trump Indian Warns America About the Dangers of Islam

Indian man says even "moderate" Islamists are dangerous. --->

A pro-Trump Indian man warned America about the dangers of “moderate” Islamists in an interview with Infowars founder Alex Jones during the festivities of last week’s presidential inauguration.

“I’m a naturalized American citizen, I lived in many parts of the world,” he said.  “I lived in Muslim countries and I know how human rights are being violated.  People of other religions are treated like dirt.”

He continued: “For the past eight years we had a nightmare with Obama and that nightmare is over today!”

The based Trump supporter then revealed that even “moderate” Islamists claim America is the enemy in their home countries, but they praise it when they immigrate to the West due to the Muslim juridical term taqiyya which allows them to lie to “infidels” in order to advance their caliphate.

He stressed the importance of Americans waking up to the Islamic agenda before its too late.

Watch the HIGH ENERGY encounter below:


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