“Safe Zones” Will Solve the Migrant Crisis

Trump promises mid east “safe zones” which will solve the migrant crisis without importing thousands of “refugees” to the West. —>


“Safe zones” in the Middle East could solve the migrant crisis, a problem that wouldn’t exist if the elites rolled back their neocon military interventionist agenda.  According to NBC, President Trump has promised to institute “safe zones” for refugees to help those who need aid without importing tens of thousands of unassimalatable migrants to the West.

Additionally, the United States should also be negotiating with rich gulf states like Saudi Arabia and Dubai to ease the burden on smaller nations like Lebanon.  There’s no excuse for industrialized Arab nations to take zero “refugees” while dumping the burden on Western society.

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Trump says he will ‘absolutely do safe zones’ in Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump said he “will absolutely do safe zones in Syria” for refugees fleeing violence in the war-torn country.

Saying Europe had made a tremendous mistake by admitting millions of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern trouble spots, Trump told ABC News in an interview: “I don’t want that to happen here.”


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