The Maverick Podcast #78: Trump’s America – a High Energy Roundtable

Listen for a roundtable discussion on President Trump’s inauguration, leftist protesters, Trump’s first executive orders and more. —>


This week on The Maverick, host Benjamin Knight is joined by special guests The Amendment Avenger and Sustainable Life Mark for a HIGH ENERGY roundtable discussion.

First, Knight RANTS about the “Women’s March on Washington” funded by George Soros and the hypocrisy of feminazis.

Then it’s an epic roundtable discussion on President Donald Trump’s first executive orders on immigration, the end of TPP,  ending federal government funding for abortions, rolling back America’s influence in the UN and more.  Plus, a discussion on the inauguration protesters and the psychopathy of the modern day left, Trump’s foreign policy, the positive outlook of the stock market and the rebirth of 1776 Americana.

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