Marist Poll: Large Majorities Support Abortion Restrictions

From TownHall --->


(TownHall) A new national survey conducted by Marist College’s pollster — which regularly partners with NBC News and the Wall Street Journal — finds that heavy majorities of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong, and favor an array of mainstream restrictions on the practice. Abortion supporters habitually seek to cast pro-life sentiment as “extreme” and limited to a loud, anti-women minority of voters, but the data betrays that framing as cynical and wishful partisan spin. In reality, many pro-life positions aren’t merely solidly mainstream, but actually widely-supported, including among majorities of American women. Based on Townhall’s look at the poll’s crosstabs, here are a few of the survey’s findings:

(1) A commanding 83 percent of American adults oppose US tax dollars being spent to facilitate abortions overseas, representing a strong endorsement of President Trump’s laudable re-institution of the so-called Mexico City policy. A supermajority (61 percent) oppose tax dollars financing abortions in the US, with just 35 percent in support.  This includes 61 percent of women.

(2) A slim majority of Americans identify as “pro choice” on the abortion question, but a 52 percent majority is at least in favor of limiting legal abortion to very rare cases such as rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother, which covers the pro-life spectrum (these answers were selected by 52 percent of women). An additional 22 percent say abortion should be illegal after the first trimester of pregnancy, leaving only about one-fourth of respondents to embrace the Democrats’ radically permissive stance on the issue. Among those backing significant restrictions on abortion are nearly 80 percent of African Americans and Latinos.



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