Lesbians and Murderous Mothers: The DC Women’s March

To call it the Women's March is an insult to the millions of decent women who reject these feminists' agenda --->

(Church Militant) The disgusting scene that unfolded on the streets of Washington, D.C. Saturday called the Women’s March needs to be labeled for exactly what it was: a march in support of lesbianism and transgenderism, ensuring that mothers can continue to slice their children to pieces in the womb and that the government will pay for their contraception.

It had nothing to do with changes to healthcare, because lesbianism, child murder and contraception have nothing to do with healthcare — although gender dysphoria does.

And to call it a “women’s” march is an insult to all the hundreds of millions of decent women who fortunately outnumber these feminazis.

The filth that spewed from the mouths of people like Madonna — who belted out the F-word more than anyone else in recorded history — the wearing of what we will politely call “Cat Hats,” the number of middle fingers that were flipped by the thousands — all of these made it difficult for their mainstream media allies to leave the cameras on them for any length of time.



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