Top Five Dumbest Social Justice Warrior Debate Tactics

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Social Justice Warrior leftists are incapable of engaging in a structured debate partly because it’s impossible for them to defend their worldview without lazy logic and intellectually dishonest fallacies but mostly because they’re mentally enslaved morons.

As a result, leftists resort to stupid straw-man arguments they learned from movies, music and the corporate old media.

Here are five of the dumbest debate tactics used by radical SJW Marxists:



“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” has been proven false over and over again

5. False Narratives

The false narrative fallacy occurs when SJWs mindlessly regurgitate talking points that have been thoroughly debunked over and over again.

For example, leftists badly want to recreate the civil rights era they read about in history textbooks to feel a sense of accomplishment from fighting back against the evil “white male” establishment.  Consequently – they’re so determined to stoke racial division in the West, primarily through the George Soros-funded “Black Lives Matter” anti-cop hate group, they’re willing to fabricate completely false narratives like “hands up don’t shoot” even if they’ve been discredited.

Another falsehood perpetuated by intellectual charlatans is the idea that gender and sex are somehow not the same, this is used to justify sexual degeneracy and deviancy often promoted by Hollywood and the mainstream media.  For example, National Geographic’s recent magazine cover featured a transgender child (you read that right) who believes he was born with a different gender than the one assigned to him at birth.



4. Collectivist Cult Mentality

The essence of collectivism is that ideological diversity is somehow antiethical to a functioning society and everyone should adopt a uniform political, cultural and religious point of view.  Of course, this line of thinking is completely nonsensical – but it is routinely used to vindicate leftist thought.

Common phrases uttered by SJWs include:

“It’s the *CURRENT YEAR* how could you not support *LEFT-WING IDEOLOGY* what is wrong with you?”

^ This implies that anyone who disagrees with feminism, cultural Marxism, progressivism or any other leftist trope must not be living in the current year and should probably evolve with the times, as if Social Justice Warriors get to dictate what is and isn’t acceptable in the modern era.

“I can’t believe you’re a college student and you support Donald Trump!”

^ Translation: Anyone in academia who doesn’t support the Democratic party despite its (illegitimate) nominee in 2016 being the most corrupt political figure in America with three decades of cronyism and deceit on her resume, then the person must not be intellectually sound.  This statement also presumes that everyone in college should think the exact same.

“You’re on the right/wrong side of history!”

^ Leftists always frame every political discussion as a civil rights issue, meaning you can’t disagree with progressive dogma without being lectured about the “right/wrong” side of history.  In their minds, supporting President-elect Trump is akin to supporting Jim Crow laws.

This is how they actually think.

Either agree with Marxist ideals (feminism, political correctness, etc) or you’re morally bankrupt and on the “wrong” side of history.


Over half of American Muslims support Shariah Law, but Islam is inherently peaceful because I say so.

3. Appeal to Emotion

Since left-wing ideologues can’t defend their political viewpoints with logic or reason, they resort to the “appeal to emotion” fallacy.  This argument is made up of emotional statements like “not all Muslims” (to promote Islam) or “we should build bridges not walls” (to promote open borders), these are meaningless platitudes designed to guilt conservatives/libertarians into changing their minds.

This is an intellectually lazy tactic because it requires virtually no critical thinking skills nor any common sense.

Image result for white privilege

“Privileged” whites are more likely to commit suicide than any other race.

2. Hasty Generalizations

Social Justice Warriors commit the “hasty generalization” argumentative fallacy by assigning a particular group as the “oppressor” and other groups as “victims”.  This leads to anti-white hysteria (stoked by MTV, BLM and other elements of popular culture) which then serves as a catalyst for violent crimes against white people and Trump supporters.

In 2016, then Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders claimed white people “don’t know what it’s like to be poor” in a debate with Crooked Hillary Clinton, a line that encapsulated the SJW mindset.  Anyone who belongs to Group A (whites) must be privileged/advantaged while Group B (minorities) must be oppressed/disadvantaged.


Mentally deranged Huffington Compost writers penned an “editor’s note” trashing Donald J. Trump with every stupid left-wing buzzword imaginable.

1. Buzzwords

Perhaps the most frustrating debate tactic used by SJWs is the “buzzword”, which is commonly used as a smear against conservatives/libertarians/anyone who doesn’t align with Marxist beliefs.

The most popular SJW buzzwords are:








There are many more, but the words posted above are used most often by leftists to defend their stance on an assortment of issues.  Feminists love to use “sexist” or “mysoginist” to defend myths like “rape culture” or the “gender pay gap”.  Race-baiting SJWs hammer “racist” and “xenophobe” like there’s no tomorrow.  LGBTs sling “homophobe” at Christians or anyone who supports traditional family values.

Of course, these words mean nothing.  They’re ad hominems hurled by vacuous Starbucks addicts who’ve been indoctrinated by MSNBC.

SJWs will commonly resort to their buzzwords when they are losing an argument.

A quick visit to and similar far-left websites will yield article after article full of pseudointellectual word salad like “heteronormative white male” and “cis gender” and other phrases nobody in the real world would ever use.  They also use buzzphrases like “OMG I can’t even” and “this is extremely problematic.”

Leftists have essentially created their own language.



When engaging with Social Justice Warriors on Facebook/Twitter or face to face, remember these five common (and stupid) argumentative fallacies used by far-left agitators and don’t get sucked into their game.  Never apologize for speaking the truth, do not adhere to their arbitrary language rules fueled by political correctness and most of all – stay on message.

If they start slinging buzzwords, agree and amplify.  Point out the inconsistencies of their false narratives, the hypocrisy of their hasty generalizations, their inauthentic appeal to emotion and the servitude required to adopt their collectivist mentality (otherwise known as mental enslavement).

Smash through their lies with common sense and you will win every single debate with an SJW zombie.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any comments, agree/disagree or any other argumentative fallacy not mentioned in this article you’d like to share – please comment below.


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