Eurozone Nation Prepping for “Super-Holocaust” as Islamic Jihadists Flood into Europe: Citizens Urged to Arm Themselves

“The terrorist attacks we have seen in Western Europe and elsewhere have increased security concerns among the public,” —>


The New American

By Alex Newman

After witnessing disarmed French civilians cowering before a few Islamists rampaging through Paris with illegal guns, top officials in the Czech Republic are determined to ensure that similar tragedies do not strike in their own country.

Following recent comments by Czech President Miloš Zeman urging citizens to arm themselves in preparation for a potential “super-Holocaust” perpetrated by jihadists flooding into Europe, senior government ministers in the Eastern European nation are now proposing a constitutional change authorizing the use of firearms by citizens against terrorists.

However, reports suggest the proposal might also be used as a vehicle to comply with unpopular and illegitimate new European Union decrees attacking gun rights and law-abiding gun owners.