Donald Trump’s Presidential To-Do List

What must be done to Make America Great Again. —>


These are some of the issues facing our nation that President Donald J. Trump must (and will) address:

1. Enforcement of our current federal laws in regards to both legal and illegal immigration.

2. Audit or end the Federal Reserve with leadership that recognizes the reckless behavior of the Federal Reserve and its unethical relationship with the federal government, and its manipulation of the economy which has created an oligarchy/feudalism utilizing Keynesian economics.

3. We must prosecute Hillary Clinton for violating federal law in regards to having an illegal private server set up for public use, which is a serious breach of national security. As well as a whole list of other criminal behaviors.

4. We must stand up to establishment politicians.

5. We must end the abuse of executive orders. We must go through Congress to get ideas passed, and we must be willing to sit down and talk with them to negotiate ideas as opposed to the current administration violating the separation of powers.

6. We must have leadership that understands the art of the deal.  For example: negotiating smart trade deals that respect our national sovereignty.

7. We need leadership, like Trump, who already has strong relationships and connections with people in high places all over the world.  This puts us in a better position to get things accomplished in Washington that will benefit the country.

8. We must end interventionism wars launched by the military industrial complex  to continue the petrodollar monopoly and other geopolitical nefarious aspirations. These wars are not only unconstitutional, but also crimes against humanity that violate international laws and destroy sovereign nations.  Additionally, they jeopardize the overall long-term national security of the US. Interventionist wars are displacing millions of Muslims.  The truth is, if Trump implements his anti-interventionist foreign policy, he will be in fact preventing the suffering of countless Muslims.

9. Me must be brilliant with budgets, like the billionaire Trump. Yes, he’s had bankruptcies, but anyone with his entrepreneurial spirit and achievements is bound to fail at some point. That’s life. His successes far outweigh his failures. He also, at times, simply used the law of the land to help him. He recognizes the importance of law and order in politics as well, which means no massive bailouts for special interest groups.

10. We must repeal Obamacare and have a plan to replace it with healthcare based on free market principles. The right to choose or not to choose.

11. We must call out the establishment, like the Bushes and Clintons, for lying about WMDs as a pretext to evade Iraq and destabilize an entire region. The real reason we invaded was to prevent Saddam Hussein from trading his oil with the Euro instead of the US petrodollar.  Saddam was threatening the petrodollar-monopoly and the good friends of the establishment, the Saudis.

12. We must lower taxes across the board, which will stimulate the economy much better than kickback stimulus packages geared towards special interest groups.

13. We must make America great again, and understand the dangers around the corner of the bond market being pumped up artificially through quantitative easing because of failed Keynesian economic policies, and understand that the bubble will pop eventually creating a recession/depression.  A collapse we must be prepared for.

14. We need leadership that is not beholden to any lobbyist or special interest groups. So they’ll be working for the American people instead.

15. We must end anti-sovereignty trade deals that are outsourcing our jobs, capital and enterprise and creating international tribunals that work outside the law of nations, such as NAFTA and TPP. These deals benefit the 1% of the 1%, not you.

16. We must end  migration from war-torn regions of the world where terrorists have vowed to infiltrate migrants so as to carry out terrorist activities in the West, until we can implement a better vetting process.

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