The Maverick Podcast #75: The Information War Continues w/ Special Guest Host Alysha Fox

Podcast talking 2017 predictions for Trump and America, fitness tips, news on Obama/Kerry allowing ISIS to grow, police preventing more Muslim rapes in Europe and more. —>


Your usual host Benjamin Knight is sick, so I’ve taken over this week’s episode of The Maverick!  My name is Alysha Fox, I’m in charge of the “Patriot of the Month” award on We the Vigilant and I also contribute editorials when I can.

This week, we cover the latest news including Rand Paul/Thomas Massie reintroducing legislation aimed at auditing The Federal Reserve, leftists criticizing police for protecting women against Islamic rapists and Julian Assange confirming that Russia had NOTHING TO DO with the DNC hack.

Plus, “universal basic income” comes to Finland and proof John Kerry and Barack Obama helped create ISIS. Then, predictions for 2017 along with tips on how you can MAKE YOUR BODY GREAT AGAIN by sticking to your fitness-related “new year’s resolution” for the next 365 days.

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