Trump Secretary of Commerce Appointee Calls Out The Fed

Wilbur Ross questions whether Federal Reserve cartel is truly independent. —>


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President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of commerce appointee Wilbur Ross, Jr, 79, questioned the independence of the Federal Reserve system on 1/3 via a series of tweets aimed at Chair of the Board of Governors at the Fed Janet Yellen.

“Are the fed really independent?” he asks. “Yellen was appointed by Obama/Democrats and they raised twice in the last 10 years. One of which was after Donald became president elect. Now she is threatening to raise 3 times next year. The strong $ was a constant concern for her under Obama.”

“Now as the dollar surges to 15 year highs she becomes a hawk and isn’t in the least bit concerned by it. Is that consistent behavior?”

Ross’ concerns are not without merit, the Fed is a political weapon that will be used by the elites to undermine Trump’s presidency by tanking the economy and blaming the ensuing chaos on him. The president-elect likely sees this coming, and his secretary of commerce is responding accordingly.

The shadowy figures in charge of the Federal Reserve manipulate boom and bust cycles for their own personal enrichment. Following the November 8 election, the banking cartel will be a thorn on the side of the incoming administration unless they are held accountable.

Remember: The Federal Reserve is not federal, it has no reserves, it is accountable to nobody and it prints money out of thin air then charges interest on it. If a normal person did that, they’d be in jail for counterfeiting.

In short, it’s a scam.

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