Leftists Criticize German Police for Preventing Mass Rapes by Islamic Migrants

Social justice psychopaths care more about political correctness than protecting German women. —>


Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reported on 1/2 that leftists criticized German police for preventing mass molestations and rapes by Islamic migrants in Cologne, Germany where up to 500 different cases were reported last near year’s eve.

Police profiled 190 Muslim men, many of whom were believed to be the same men guilty of raping/groping women on the same day in the same city in 2015, while 92 were detained and 27 placed under arrest.

Leftists responded by criticizing German law enforcement officials for “racially profiling” the Islamists. Green party co-chair Simone Peter accused officers of detaining people based “on their appearance alone.”

Meanwhile, former politician Christopher Lauer said police utilized “sweeping prejudice against an entire group of people”.

Some Germans praised police, according to this report.

That’s right, today’s “liberals” care more about political correctness  than protecting women from being raped by Muslim “refugees”.

The new left essentially worships radical Islam.

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German police are being criticized for preventing a repeat of last year’s shocking scenes in Cologne where hundreds of women were sexually molested by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve.

A huge mob of around 650 North African men turned up at the same location of last year’s mass sex assault, despite a massive police presence of around 1700 officers who were tasked with ensuring the safety of citizens.

According to reports, authorities assumed that the majority of the men were the same ones involved in the mass molestation of women the previous year. Police also said that the characteristics being displayed by the “comparably aggressive” men were “such that potential crimes could indeed be expected”.


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