Globalists Testing “Universal Basic Income” in Finland

Finland tests hyper-socialist system of government. --->


CNN Money reported on 1/2 that the Finnish government will start an experiment this month in which 2,000 citizens will be given a guaranteed income whether participants work or not.

The program is a test for a “universal basic income” system which could be used by the globalist establishment to domesticate large swaths of the population. It would be akin to a welfare state on steroids.


CNN Money celebrated the experiment, calling it “radical” and a means to offer workers “greater security, especially as technological advances reduce the need for human labor.”

Of course, the Communist News Network omitted the fact that a UBI would mean the end of free market capitalism altogether.  Additionally, it would allow governments to become “providers” that control people while greatly devaluing a nation’s currency, leading to hyperinflation.  If everyone is making the same income, money won’t be worth anything.

If the program is successful, CNN reports it could be expanded to “include all Finns”. The Finnish government believes a UBI is economically feasible and a good way to encourage people to look for work.  Yes, they really think paying people to do nothing will motivate them to find a job.

The program represents a major leap towards hyper-socialism/communism, an idea that has been promoted by the World Economic Forum in this “what if” article published by a member of parliament in Denmark entitled “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”


The globalist elite, allied with the left, clearly seek and end to private property, the free market and individual liberty.

Read more about this here.

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