Report: Islamic State General Flees to Europe With 400 Soldiers Disguised as Refugees

Up to 400 of his savage troops in tow, posing as refugees —>


(Breitbart) According to an Italian intelligence report quoted by the UK Daily Mail, former NATO soldier-turned Islamic State (ISIS) commander Lavdrim Muhaxheri has fled the Syrian battlefield and returned to Europe with up to 400 of his savage troops in tow, posing as refugees.

Muhaxheri, aka Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is of Kosovo Albanian extraction. His NATO training reportedly included a stint at the U.S. Army’s largest base in the Balkans. He has been designated a global terror threat by the U.S. State Department, and was regarded as a serious threat to Kosovo and Albania after joining ISIS.

Muhaxheri is an energetic recruiter for the Islamic State and one of its most public figures, popping up in a number of propaganda videos, including one where he kills a helpless captive with a rocket. (WARNING: graphic video at the link.)

He is believed to be the mastermind behind a thwarted plot to attack the Israeli national soccer team, Serbian Orthodox churches, and other targets in a string of synchronized terror attacks across the Balkans in November. Nineteen people were ultimately arrested in connection with the plan, and the authorities seized “weapons, explosives, and extremist religious materials.”

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  • I hope the welcoming committee gets the chance to welcome each and everyone of these poor, tired and hungry immigrants, the committee should give special recognition to the good general who led Allah’s people out of harm’s way. This is one site where you can send donations.