Seven Islamic Migrants Arrested for Setting Homeless Man on Fire

Daily Mail report on men suspected of torching homeless victim. —>


The Daily Mail reported on 12/27 that seven men aged 15 to 21 are suspected of torching a homeless victim as he slept on a subway platform at the Schonleinstrabe station.

The alleged murderers are from Syria and Libya.

Vice chief of the press office at a local Berlin police department Thomas Neuendorf told Bild a 21-year-old Islamic migrant was likely the main suspect in the case who lead his companions to commit the atrocity.

The men reportedly fled the scene on a subway. Hidden camera footage saw them running away laughing at what they had just done.

The incident further proves that Europe is essentially committing cultural suicide by continuing to perpetuate open border policies aimed at welcoming millions of unassimilatable migrants who despise Western civilization.

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Seven migrants arrested after a sleeping homeless man was set on fire on Christmas Eve at a Berlin subway station

  • Men, aged 15 to 21, are suspected of torching the victim as he slept on platform
  • Six suspects of the attack at Schönleinstraße station are Syrian and one is Lybian
  • Detectives in Berlin have opened an attempted murder investigation after attack
  • Men appear to flee on train and are spotted celebrating as they watch man burn

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