Berlin Truck Attacker Killed in Italy Amid Shootout With Police

Islamic terrorist brought to justice by law enforcement in Italy. —>


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Italy’s Interior Minister Marco Minniti revealed this morning that Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri, the man responsible for murdering Christians at a Christmas market in Berlin, was shot and killed by law enforcement in a shootout in Milan.

Amri was reportedly on foot when police stopped him at 3AM for a routine check in a rural neighborhood. After asking the suspected terrorist for his identification, a shootout ensued.

The Islamic migrant allegedly started the firefight by pulling out a 22 caliber gun from his backpack and shooting at the police.

Amri exploited Europe’s open borders to leave Germany and enter Italy without anyone noticing, a fact that further validates concerns from those who believe globalist immigration policies enable terrorists to easily invade the Western world.

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Italy’s Interior Minister Marco Minniti said during a press conference that Anis Amri was stopped on foot by police patrols at around 3 a.m. during a routine check in the Sesto San Giovanni neighborhood. When the officers asked Mr. Amri for identification, he pulled out a 22 caliber gun from his backpack and began to shoot. The police returned fire, killing him.



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