Trump Chooses Patriot Stephen Miller as Senior Adviser

Miller will align with Trump platform. —>



Stephen Miller is officially part of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet as his senior adviser on policy and he will be working in the White House alongside some of the most important members of the administration.  This is very good news for anyone worried about Trump’s team being taken over by globalists or neocons.

Trump said the following in a statement:

“Stephen played a central and wide-ranging role in our primary and general election campaign. He is deeply committed to the America First agenda, and understands the policies and actions necessary to put that agenda into effect.”

Miller aligns with the president-elect’s platform and also used to work for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a hardliner on immigration who is Trump’s pick for attorney general.

Trump referencing Americanism versus globalism during his upcoming victory speeches can be attributed directly to the influence of Miller.

Read more below:

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Stephen Miller, a top policy aide from his campaign, to serve in the White House as senior adviser to the president for policy, the transition announced team Tuesday.


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