CNN Briefly Drops Global Warming/Climate Hoax Narrative to Report “Record Breaking, Temperature Shattering, Lethally Cold Weather”

Record low temperatures contradict climate change myth. —>


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CNN, ever one of the world’s  worst offenders of spreading climate hoax propaganda, published a sensational news story , today, which speaks to record-shattering, bone-chilling, life-threatening temperatures across most of the US.

The even more fascinating concept ranging into the category of extreme irony with this particular story, is the fact that while in the throes of reporting some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded across America in December, the now extremely co-opted news venue of CNN remains completely oblivious to the fact that this real-life news story, happening right now, is in the process of completely defacing their own climate change rhetoric and with extreme prejudice.

Remember, the basic precept regarding climate change dogma is the cornerstone argument that the most eminent danger from man-made climate change is the artificial concept of globalized warming to the point of unseasonal temperature increases, across all four seasons, pushing an average temperature heightening of 4 degrees celsius, thereby leaving the planet in a state of hellish  scorched dystopia.

President Barack Obama, who insists that Russian hacking was behind Trump’s election victory, even now also asserts, despite all evidence to the contrary, that climate change is America’s number one security risk, and largely to endless chuckles while simultaneously reminding America that it can keep both its doctor and its plan while also enjoying stunningly lower health premiums, to boot.

At present, with the US locked within the frigid embrace of both an early and deadly cold winter which is slated to persevere through the entire month, the old mantra of climate change/ global warming has once again taken it on the chin with yet another  bone-crunching upper-cut.

The question, soon enough, will become one of how many times must the real-life climate of the earth knock the climate hoaxers agenda out of the ring, before the propagandists finally concede the match?

The one thing to be certain of is the fact that, as with most in the traditionally co-opted media, the climate change propagandists will push their ridiculous assertions far past the point of any sort of credible analysis, just as they did with Hillary Clinton and her patently ridiculous attempt at gaining the US presidency under a swirl of never-ending controversy engineered by her own, endearingly comical,  missteps.

Below is the story, presaging frozen death and polar mayhem, from CNN, without so much as a tittle of their usual rhetorical commentary on global warming, which we can assume will be resumed at some latter-day instance of unseasonably warm inclemency, that being typically, during the heat of deep Summer:


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