Gavin McInnes: Political Correctness Ruined Star Wars, “Rogue One” Will Flop

Rebel media commentator blasts Hollywood’s politically correct agenda. —>

Rebel media commentator Gavin McInnes blasted Hollywood’s P.C. agenda in a video (posted above *language warning*) uploaded on 12/2 in which the outspoken Trump supporter predicted the new Star Wars “Rogue One” movie would flop.

“Chicks and diversity have to ruin everything,” he says in the video.  “Even if I was a progressivist liberal I would say ‘can you stop cramming my agenda, cramming homework into my entertainment?'”

McInnes points out that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” featured unrealistic gender roles that appeal only to feminists and Social Justice Warriors.  “You have this cool chick in it and she’s got her Lightsaber and you go ‘chicks don’t do that,'” he explains.  “You just ruined the movie.”

The host of The Gavin McInnes Show then predicts that Disney will also ruin the new Star Wars “Rogue One” prequel:

“Now the new one is coming out and they’re going to ruin that too.”

Star Wars is, in fact, now firmly under the control of SJW freaks.  Co-writer Gary Whitta recently claimed on social media that the “Empire” is a white supremacist organization opposed by a multi-cultural group of rebels lead by a woman.

It’s no secret that political correctness is permeating Hollywood and ruining entertainment with progressive “messages” and cult programming.  It’s impossible to simply watch a film without forced multuculturalism, domineering female leads who don’t resemble actual women or some type of political agenda.

Leftist bullies with chips on their shoulders have completely taken over the movie industry.  They’re using modern entertainment as a vehicle to push their radical Marxist, degenerate worldview down the throats of unsuspecting consumers.

The only way to stop this avalanche of anti-family, anti-male propaganda is to vote with your dollars and prove to Hollywood that SJW movies don’t draw money.

Click here for a list of films that have been uncorrupted by the influence of left-wing social engineers.


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