Flashback: Trump Secretary of State Pick Tillerson Takes on Globalist Rockefeller Family

ExxonMobil CEO once slugged it out with Rockefellers over “climate change.” —>


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President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state pick and Exxon chief executive Rex Tillerson once took on the globalist Rockefeller family in a dispute over climate change in 2008.

Tillerson refused to back an attempt by the New World Order oligarchs to facilitate a “green” takeover of the oil giant along with regulations that would prohibit it from funneling money towards climate “deniers”, according to this report on confidential meetings between the Exxon head and the elite family.

The Rockefellers launched three shareholder resolutions between 2004 and 2008 to pressure Exxon into recognizing climate change despite it being a hoax exploited by pseudo-scientists to institute carbon taxes, send trillions to the United Nations, poison the air with chemtrails and force a multitude of regulations on big business.

The resolutions were soundly defeated and Exxon continued funding recipients such as Willie Soon, a Harvard-Smithsonian researcher and climate “denier” for years.

Trump confidante and friend of four decades Roger Stone revealed in a recent interview that President-elect Trump likely chose Tillerson as his secretary of state based on him soundly defeating the globalist elites and their efforts to undermine Exxon.

David Rockefeller once admitted that world government conspiracies were true and he was “guilty, and proud of it” concerning the propagation of a satanic world order.

The Rockefellers are one of the principal families supporting the Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations while also creating the Federal Reserve cartel, the Trilateral Commission and the world government system of human enslavement run by tax-exempt multinational elites.

They have championed the dissolution of nation-state sovereignty throughout history.

Tillerson opposing such forces makes him a patriot and a tremendous addition to the Trump cabinet.  It takes an act of courage to stand your ground against one of the most powerful (and dangerous) families on the planet.

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