BREAKING: Trump to Pick Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

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President-elect Donald Trump will nominate Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state according to two sources close to his transition team who confirmed the news to NBC, Breitbart reported today.

The pick represents a departure from regular Washington D.C. politics, as Tillerson is another outsider from the business world who will work within the Trump administration.

The president-elect likely tapped the Exxon CEO due to his experience negotiating with foreign leaders in countries like Turkey, Ukraine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and others.

Fake establishment news outlets are already smearing Tillerson as a “Russian agent” with connections to Vladimir Putin due to prior business dealings with the Russian president.


Tillerson is a Whichita Falls, Texas native with a basic degree in Civil Engineering from University of Texas. He is aligned with Trump on Russian relations and other geopolitical issues, he doesn’t come from the D.C. entrenched foreign policy echo chamber and he has experience with dealmaking and negotiating on the international stage.

Trump’s secretary of state is another successful businessman who joins a cabinet largely made up of outsiders, generals and moguls.

Leftists will likely brand Tillerson as a Russian puppet and a product of Trump’s alleged cozy relationship with Putin. The Hill already linked the pick to a recent CIA report claiming Russia rigged the election, even though such claims are unsubstantiated.


Despite supporting neocon Jeb Bush for president in late 2015, Tillerson is a political wildcard who is expected to carry out the president-elect’s anti-regime change, anti-war foreign policy agenda unlike rumored pick Mitt Romney and others who have been considered for the position.

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