Alert! Senate Passes Bill Targeting Alternative Media

Senate passes bill likely to silence populist media under the guise of protecting against “foreign propaganda”. —>


Alternative, independent media is under attack.

The Senate passed a bill on December 8 aimed at “defending America” against “fake news and propaganda from countries like Russia” that could target alternative media outlets which have been falsely attributed as Russian conspiracy sites by the Clinton mouthpiece Washington Post.

The “fake news” narrative is a vehicle for censorship being used to silence populist rhetoric, discredit President-elect Donald Trump’s historic victory and ensure nobody like him ever gets elected again. The term, coincidentally, only started being pushed by the hoax media after November 8.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants have already promised to filter “fake” news, otherwise known as anti-globalist news that doesn’t align with the leftist/progressive/Marxist narrative.

“The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering foreign propaganda and disinformation,” the legislation reads. “The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China in addition to violent extremists.”

The bill, entitled “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act”, does not explicitly state how the “Global Engagement Center” will counter so-called foreign government propaganda. This could open the door for globalists to urge telecom companies to block Wikileaks, which has been falsely referred to as a Russian outfit.

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  1. Why not target the mainstream media they are very corrupt and only tell lies

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