U.N. Human Rights Council Holds Moment of Silence for Murderous Dictator Castro

Communist sympathizer globalists pay respects to man who murdered political dissidents for committing thought crimes. —>


Delegates of the United Nations Human Rights Council reportedly opened a meeting in Geneva on 12/5 with a moment of silence for the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Yes, a human right’s council paid respects to a man who murdered tens of thousands of innocent people for committing political thought crimes.

A Spokesman for the HRC Secretariat and UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein did not respond to questions regarding the minute-long tribute.

Castro will go down in history as one of the most violent thugs to ever lead a nation. The Cuban dictator stripped his people of basic human rights and imprisoned or killed those who spoke out against him.

His regime was brutal, merciless and antiethical to the standards set by the industrialized world.

Despite Castro leaving behind a path of death and destruction, Canada’s Prime Minister still referred to him as a “remarkable” leader and President Obama echoed positive sentiments about the late Communist leader from other left-wing think tanks.

Modern day liberals have apparently embraced the most radical form of Marxism/Communism, a far cry from the traditional brand of liberalism once espoused by Thomas Jefferson.

One would think a human rights council wouldn’t pay respects to a regime that violated the basic rights and freedoms of millions of people for a half century, but this is what happens when “councils” consist of globalist oligarchs bent on violating nation-state sovereignty on their path to world government.

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