Afghan Migrant Arrested for Raping, Murdering Daughter of EU Official


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An Afghan migrant has been arrested for raping and murdering the daughter of a European Union official in October according to a 12/4 Breitbart report published by Oliver Lane.

The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, whose body was discovered in a river outside Freiburg, Germany. Police do not know yet if Ladenburger had a previous relationship with the migrant or whether she met him at an asylum center she volunteered at.

What we do know is the Islamic migrant was a recent arrival into Germany as an “asylum seeker” who entered Europe under the false pretense of seeking humanitarian aid. The reality is, a large swath of “refugees” have sympathies towards ISIS and 70% of them are young strong men as opposed to women and children.

Shockingly, Ladenburger’s parents  have since promoted a charity aimed at collecting funds to support “refugees” and block them from being deported.  Yes, you read that right.

The incident yet again proves the Muslim migrant crisis is a means for forced multiculturalism of unassimilatable “refugees” (rapists) who despise Western culture.

It is weaponized immigration.

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