Top Trump Confidante Roger Stone Set to Release Tell-All Book on Election 2016

Stone reveals how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution in new book. —>


Top Trump confidante, We the Vigilant Patriot of the Month award winner, New York Times best selling author and former campaign manager Roger Stone is set to release a tell-all book in January 2017 on the ascendancy of President-elect Donald Trump, his historic campaign and how the real estate mogul orchestrated an anti-establishment political revolution.

In “The Making of the President 2016,” Stone reveals the backstory of the Trump takeover.

Following the craziest election cycle in recent memory, the New York Times best selling author will explain how a grassroots populist wave lifted the billionaire businessman to the White House.

The book will outline how the president-elect’s platform based on opposing open border policies, globalist trade deals like NAFTA and the system of perpetual corruption and cronyism in Washington won over traditionally blue states. Stone also chronicles the three presidential debates between Trump and Crooked Hillary Clinton in which the president-elect wiped the floor with the former secretary of state.

Additionally, Stone will write about the role of Julian Assange’s Wikieaks in the election and how the heroic whistleblower helped expose the crimes of the Clintons and their surrogates.

There is nobody more qualified to encapsulate perhaps the most turbulent election in American history than Roger Stone, an anti-globalist patriot who has been heavily involved in the Trump campaign officially and unofficially from day one.

Pre-order the book here.

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