President-elect Trump Denounces Globalism at Ohio Rally: ‘There is No Global Currency…No Global Citizenship’

“We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag.” —>


President-elect Donald Trump began his victory tour across states he won on election night with a rally on 12/1 at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio in which the real estate mogul denounced world government, stressed the importance of unity and promised to deliver on his policy proposals in front of 16,000 supporters.

“We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a ‘globalized world,'” Trump said. “But the relationships that people value in this country are local. Family, state, country. They are local.”

Trump later reinforced his support for American sovereignty:

“There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag.”

The president-elect then revived his campaign rhetoric on draining the swamp in Washington, appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, protecting American workers by renegotiating disastrous trade deals, temporarily suspending immigration from countries purporting radical jihadism, tightening border security and ending the era of neoconservative nation building and regime change in the Middle East.

He also revealed “Mad Dog” James Mattis will be officially announced as his secretary of defense on Monday.

Trump’s speech was a reminder that the real estate mogul will not abandon his supporters or break his campaign promises after being elected president.

It proved that Donald Trump is still Donald Trump.

Watch the full speech below:

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