Ohio State Attacker Was Somali Refugee, Campus Was “Gun Free” Zone

Left-wing policies fail again. —>


A Somalie refugee reportedly attacked students with a machete at Ohio State University on 11/28 leaving nine injured and several others hospitalized.  The incident occurred in a “gun free zone.”

The attacker has been identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

“A high-ranking faculty member who spoke to NBC 4 Columbus said that one of his colleagues was in Watts Hall at the time and was slashed in the leg with a machete,” The Daily Mail published.

Contrary to initial reports from establishment media outlets, Artan did not use a firearm.

Ohio State’s campus is yet another “gun free zone,” meaning it is impossible for responsible people armed with guns to save lives.

The incident resembled ISIS-inspired attacks in Europe which have seen radical Islamists randomly strike innocent civilians in public spaces.

This is indicative of a troubling pattern throughout the Western world.

Political pundit Pam Geller revealed in July that Europe has fallen victim to a “litany of machete/knife attacks at train stations and platforms and public places by devout and plous Muslims.”.

Insane left-wing policies regarding immigration and gun control continue to leave people defenseless from ISIS militants and their surrogates.  One must wonder how many more times Muslim “refugees” have to kill people on Western soil before leftists realize their ideology is incompatible with civilized culture.

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