CNN Refers to Oppressive Murderous Dictator as “Revolutionary Leader”

Dead Castro revered by leftist globalist media. —>


Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died Friday at the age of 90 according to a report by Cuban state television.

The kingpin communist was a leader in the Cold War whose regime aligned with the Soviet union and remained in power from 1959 to 2008.

During his reign, the Cuban dictator jailed right-wing contrarians, decimated Cuba’s infrastructure and enslaved its citizens for the benefit of Cuba’s elitist class. Those who escaped the nation during Castro’s reign have been celebrating on the streets upon hearing the news of his death.

Other than CNN, of course.

The Communist News Network published an article today referring to Castro as Cuba’s “longtime revolutionary leader.”


According to CNN, jailing innocent people for committing political thought-crimes is “revolutionary.”

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said he felt “deep sorrow” upon learning of Castro’s death, praised the dictator as a “legendary revolutionary” and “remarkable leader” despite the Cuban dictator being responsible for a number of atrocities and crimes.

Conversely, President-elect Donald Trump declared Castro a “brutal, oppressive dictator” in a prepared statement released today by Director of Communications Jason Miller:


The left’s cozy relationship with communism is becoming more apparent by the day as leftist crybabies push to undermine free and fair elections as well as dissolve free speech that conflicts with their “progressive” worldview.

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