Clinton Campaign Joins Recount Effort, Attempts to Steal Election Win From Trump

This is hilarious. —>


Everybody should be THRILLED that the Clinton campaign has announced they are involved in this ridiculous recount effort, because of course it’s not going change the outcome of the election and it will just make them further look like completely ridiculous nut-cases and butt hurt sore LOSERS for the historians to laugh and write about for decades to come.

This is priceless!!

I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of this circus. Hilarious.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has raised millions of dollars to trigger a recount of votes in several key states, has now attracted the attention of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton’s team announced Saturday that they are jumping on board the effort.  

Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign counsel, said the campaign has not found any evidence of hacking of the voting systems.    Elias wrote in a statement that even though the campaign is not going to contest the election results itself, they have decided to take part in the effort just to “ensure that the recount is fair to all sides.”



  • oldgringo

    Ahh…Yes…It’s a set up by George Soros or Hillary Clinton herself.