Obama in Peru Gives Soft-Attack Advice to US & Trump In Criticizing “Sharp Edges of Capitalism” and Promoting “World Order” (Youtube)

Obama, in Peru, has continued his international riff of soft-slamming America —>

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Obama, in Peru, has continued his international riff of soft-slamming America, while continuing his ongoing veiled slams of President-elect Trump, by insisting that America is “an indispensable nation in our world order.”

Trump has repeatedly railed at the new age cult-like religion of globalism that has gone a long way in de-industrializing America, in favor of empowering worldwide authoritarian systems such as China & now, the EU.

China, by the way, has continuously slammed Democratic countries as poor models for governing populations.

Obama, further, seemed to be omitting the fact that much of his term has been spent engineering a managed decline of America in order to get the nation out of the way of what globalists refer to as “The New World Order” which seeks to marginalize first world nations, on the premise of redistributing both wealth and authority to 2nd and 3rd world nations.

Obama even took a cut at capitalism, as he has often done, by alluding to its “sharp edges”, as if other economic systems, such as communism or socialism, might make a better fit.

However, it has long been a known fact among  historians, economic experts, and even political scientists that economic systems other than those promoting free market capitalism, sooner rather than later, run out of other people’s money.

In Peru, Obama stated:

“In terms of reflecting on the United States presidency as I have been traveling, I think the main reflection I have and the main advice that I give to the incoming president is, the United States really is an indispensable nation in our world order.

I say that as somebody who has gone out of his way to express respect for every country and its people and to consistently acknowledge that many of the challenges we face are not challenges that America can solve on our own.

But what I also know that the basic framework of the world order coming out of World War II and then on thru the end of the Cold War, was shaped by a set of ideals and principles that have worked for the vast majority of people not just in America but around the world.

The notion of democracy. And rule of law. And a free press. And independent judiciary. And open markets. And a social welfare state to moderate some of the sharp edges of capitalism.

And, you know, lifting up issues of human rights and investing in public health and development not just in our own borders but elsewhere in the world. And working with multilateral institutions, like the United Nations, making sure we’re upholding international norms and rules.

That’s what has made the modern world.

And there have been times when we have not observed some of the norms as well as we should and have been accused of hypocrisy here in Latin America.

There have been times when countries have felt disrespected and on occasion have had cause for that.

And there were teams when we haven’t observed the values in our own country and have fallen short of our ideals, but that basic structure is the reason why the world is much wealthier, much more secure, and yes, less violent, healthier, and better educated, more tolerant than 50 years ago. That requires constant work. It doesn’t just happen on its own.”

The modern world, in fact, was built upon capitalism, however, by slow evolution over time, virtually every single democratic nation has been moved into the killing field of mixed-market socialism and Keynesian economic models which have fomented a staggering amount of debt to be laid upon the planet.

In essence, as a true free market capitalist and businessman extraordinaire, President-Elect Trump  is now seeking a return to the paradigm of limited government and less regulation that is even now firing America’s economy into growth & its requisite prosperity not seen since the days of Reagan.

Indeed, the only true economic system that promotes true prosperity is the original system that built America into the economic powerhouse that the world has come to know, copy, and then progressively forget, over the past 240 years.


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