Top Trump Economic Advisor Supports Gold-Backed Currency

Female advisor advocates for gold standard. —>


One of President-Elect Donald Trump’s economic advisers is an advocate for the gold standard and a co-director of an organization aimed at promoting the principles of sound money and raising awareness on the inherent problems with America’s financial system.

Dr. Judy Shelton, who works with The Atlas Sound Money Project, is one of the economists on Trump’s advisory team who understands money almost as much as the president-elect himself.

In 1989, she correctly predicted the Soviet Union economic collapse two years before it happened.

“I see it as a sophisticated, forward-looking approach because gold is neutral and it’s universal,” Shelton said about gold in an August interview with Fortune.

“It’s a well-accepted monetary surrogate that transcends borders and time. If you look at the foreign reserves of the most important countries, they keep them mostly in gold. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it proves that gold is not some barbarous relic.”

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Judy Shelton at a radio interview.

The adviser also said she commended Trump for being “willing to talk” about a coming economic crisis that could emerge as a result of America’s poor monetary policy. “I think it’s perfectly legitimate to question whether the current monetary system we have is working, and whether we’ve solved the imbalances that led to the last crisis.”

Shelton is a positive addition to the president-elect’s sphere of influence for anyone concerned about a future collapse.

Although Shelton warns in the Forbes interview that her idea on transitioning to a gold-backed dollar and issuing gold-convertible bonds should not be attributed to the Trump campaign, the economist is likely using her platform to help shape the financial system of the future.

You can read the full interview here.

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