Draconian EU Global Elites Extend Insult to America and Trump but Get Snubbed by EU Members Britain and France

the globalist EU, which ignores it own citizens in perpetuity, has piled on the insults of  both Trump & America —>


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The globalist state, in Europe, continues its fractionization as both Britain and France have declined to meet with obnoxious EU Globalists who appear to be plotting a nefarious response to President-Elect Trump.

In fact, the elites in the EU, as a continuance of Hitler’s old 3rd Reich , while supremely poor at looking after their own citizens in trying to flood their respective cultures with unwanted Islamist invaders by the millions, apparently believe they can poison the water in the EU, for the new US president.

Indeed, elitist EU President Junkers only days earliers practically insulted Trump, an international businessman of significant regard, when he stated the following of Donald Trump:

“Juncker, who is President of the European Commission, implied that the new US President would ignore the bloc of 27 countries for two years before making any effort to visit.

Juncker said: “I think we will waste two years before Mr Trump tours the world he does not know.”

He added that Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president poses risks for the relationship between the European Union and the United States.”

Moreover, the globalist EU, which ignores it own citizens in perpetuity, has piled on the insults of  both Trump & America, as if the people of the US, who provide both the funding and the might towards the entirety of defending Europe with a powerful military defense, have not made a significant decision of great import to the EU.

The obnoxiously arrogant Nazi, EU Gestapo Junkers, went on to add injury to his insults of the US president-elect:

“He told an audience of students: “We will need to teach the president-elect what Europe is and how it works”, adding that Americans usually had no interest in Europe.

The Brussels bureaucrat added that Mr Trump’s statements on security policy and the potential for America to leave NATO would have “pernicious” consequences.

The politician added that Mr Trump was entirely ignorant of Europe and its workings.”

And then we have a further report from the globalist news provider of Europe, the Financial Times, which is an organization which has continually cast a jaundiced eye towards both Trump and America:

“Both Britain and France on Sunday night snubbed a contentious EU emergency meeting to align the bloc’s approach to Donald Trump’s election, exposing rifts in Europe over the US vote.

Hailed by diplomats as a chance to “send a signal of what the EU expects” from Mr Trump, the plan fell into disarray after foreign ministers from the bloc’s two main military powers declined to attend the gathering demanded by Berlin and Brussels.

The meeting comes as Mr Trump appointed his key deputies. The president-elect chose the more moderate establishment figure Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, to be his chief-of-staff over campaign chairman Stephen Bannon, who becomes chief strategist and counselor. Mr Priebus’s appointment suggests Mr Trump is sweeping aside some of his campaign rhetoric to opt for a more traditional path.”

While some conservatives have forcefully stated their questioning of Reince Priebus, many other hardcore conservative Americans, including this one,  do not feel the same way.

In fact, Priebus stood against the establishment republican subset in his own party, including the Koch brother’s globalist sect, to stand loyally beside Trump throughout a very nasty campaign.

The Financial Times, further, states the following:

“The split in Europe highlights the difficulties European capitals face in coordinating a response to Mr Trump, who has questioned the US’s commitments to Nato and free trade and hinted at seeking a rapprochement with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Trump, at the weekend met Nigel Farage, the populist Brexit campaigner who has become the first foreign politician to meet the future US president. Carl Bildt, the former Swedish prime minister, tweeted: “If Trump wanted to look statesmanlike to Europe, receiving Farage was probably the worst thing he could [do].”

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson dropped out of the Brussels meeting, with officials arguing that it created an air of panic, while French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault opted to stay in Paris to meet the new UN secretary-general. Hungary’s foreign minister boycotted the meeting, labeling the response from some EU leaders as “hysterical”.

A combination of Mr Trump’s election and Britain’s vote to leave the EU had triggered calls for a total overhaul of the EU’s foreign and defense policy, with Berlin and Paris demanding greater integration. “If the US disengages from Europe, we need to look after our own security,” said one EU diplomat.

Ministers will discuss plans such as bolstering the EU’s ambition to mount joint operations during a scheduled meeting on Monday, which Johnson and  Ayrault will attend.

Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg at the weekend warned both the US and its European partners against “going it alone” on dedefenseatters.

Paris and Berlin had been co-ordinating their response to Mr. Trump’s election, while London has jockeyed to maintain its position as the US’s main European ally. The French president and German chancellor spoke before releasing two separate, guarded welcomes to the president-elect last week.

Mr. Johnson’s refusal to attend will add to an already difficult relationship with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who has told colleagues that he cannot bear to be in the same room as the British foreign secretary”……

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