The Truth About Trump’s Incredible Victory

Trump was the only Republican who could have won —>

Guest article by Scorpion


Liberals remain delusional about why they lost


Full-on liberal meltdown mode has begun. Rather than engage in even the barest degree of soul-searching as to why Clinton lost, they’re lashing out at their favorite boogeyman – white, heterosexual, successful, Christian men.

They really thought they had this one in the bag. Their shared hatred of WHSCM has become their only unifying belief, the one thing SJWs and leftists of every stripe can agree on. The fact that maybe, just maybe, WHSCM might notice the fact that they were being blamed for every evil in society and object to that mischaracterization (in the most peaceful manner possible, the ballot box) does not seem to have occurred them at all. It’s as if they literally just expected WHSCM to roll over and die just after handing the coalition of the aggrieved the keys to the kingdom.


Hillary Clinton is the ultimate loser


I have long been saying that Hillary would lose this election and that she was the worst candidate nominated by a major party in the modern era. She is, quite simply, the ultimate loser. She has never succeeded at anything in her life, with a single exception: a remarkable track record of profiting from and covering up decades’ worth of corruption.

She was a screw-up as First Lady, she carpetbagged her way into a Senate seat entirely due to her husband’s name recognition and political influence and proceeded to do nothing of note, she got humiliated by Obama in 2008, she presided over the State Department with a staggering degree of incompetence and malfeasance, and she has now been put to pasture politically in the most humiliating fashion by a man universally regarded by her peers and supporters as an utter buffoon (and what exactly does that say about her, to be defeated by such a man?). And if I had to bet, I would say the ignominy has not ended for her yet.

The Trump administration might very well bring charges against her. Hillary Clinton is the personification of hubris, particularly that nasty, entitled, scheming sort of hubris found in females, most usually seen in vicious ex-wives who will go to any length and tell any lie necessary to take their husbands to the cleaners in court. Her entire campaign was based on the rationale that it was simply her turn. To be president. The  gall of this woman. The name Hillary Clinton will be forever stained by incompetence and corruption, and most deservedly so.


The Democratic Party is in shambles


Hillary Clinton, in her boundless scheming and corruption to secure the nomination, unwittingly destroyed the Democratic Party. They are left now with nothing. Literally nothing. They lost the Senate. They lost the House. They lost the Presidency. They lost the Supreme Court. Perhaps even worse from a long-term perspective, they have nobody on the bench for 2020.


Hillary’s corrupt stranglehold on the DNC denied Democratic back benchers the change to mount primary challenges, which are important for long term party health as a way for fresh candidates to gain national exposure and campaign experience. Further, since Democrats decided to go all-in on identity politics in recent years, they’ve essentially closed the door on allowing any white men to be their nominee.

They will be stuck trying to field candidates exclusively from the ranks of women and minority men. This will only further alienate whites, and within another election cycle or two only the most braindead, cucked whites will remain Democrats.


Cucks must now bend the knee or flee


The cucks must be mercilessly harassed until they bend the knee to Trump or flee the party (((or the country))) entirely. Trump owns the Republican party now, period. Any national Republican who refuses to bend the knee must be summarily drummed out of the party and regarded as a pathetic laughingstock. I suggest barraging cucks on Twitter with a #BendTheKnee hashtag and forcing them to show where their true allegiance lies.


The media has lost all credibility


We knew all along that the polls were a collection of the most ridiculous fiction imaginable. Trump was pulling tens of thousands of people into rallies on a daily basis, while Hillary was lucky to get a few hundred. We also knew that Trump was inspiring millions of discouraged voters who don’t show up in polls. Somehow, the media was completely blind to this reality.

These people live in a bubble. They are completely disconnected from reality. They’ve swallowed the Kool-Aid and are totally unable to think for themselves. This is best seen in the hysterical misplaced reverence they have for the eternally disheveled, homosexual, Jewish pollster Nate Silver of 538. Despite the fact that Silver, a supposed statistics and analytics genius whose Excel models are regarded as prophetic, completely botched his predictions of Trump in the primary, the media still regarded him as an oracle. Because, like, he makes models and shit. And they say Trump can’t win. So Trump can never win. Duh, right? This ties in to the larger problem our society has with a misplaced reverence for “science”.

It never seems to occur to people that the most scientific methodology is completely worthless if your models and assumptions are colored by political considerations.


Bernie would have lost worse than Hillary


I’m seeing bemoaning from Democrats that if only Hillary hadn’t cheated Bernie, he would have been the nominee and easily defeated Trump. Nope. Sanders was just as terrible a candidate as Hillary, but for entirely different reasons. He would have been lucky to get even half the black and female turnout that Hillary got.

The flaky millennial Bernouts would not have shown up at the polls in sufficient numbers to make up the difference. Trump would have eviscerated him and easily painted him as a weak, unaccomplished lifelong politician and actual communist. The video of him surrendering his podium to the BLM women would make him a national laughingstock in a general election. For all her faults, Hillary was at least not perceived as weak. People will sooner forgive corruption and incompetence in a leader than outright weakness. Bernie was so weak he didn’t even go after Hillary over her emails.


Trump was the only Republican who could have won


I see further kvetching about how any generic Republican would have beaten Hillary, probably by an even larger margin. Pure delusional bullshit. Trump was the only man capable of doing what he did. Cruz and Rubio would have been completely destroyed by the media. Bush would have been destroyed by Clinton herself.

No other contenders are even noteworthy to mention. Trump won the primary and the general because he alone had the unique and unprecedented ability to not only shrug off media attacks, but in most cases to actually grow stronger from them. He was a black swan from the beginning. Those of us that recognized this early on were able to predict his success largely due to this trait of being media immune (which is due to a combination of other unique traits Trump possesses – i.e. massive wealth, celebrity, decades of media experience, alpha personality).


The magnitude of Trump’s accomplishment


It must not be forgotten that one man stood against the entire corrupt political and media establishment of this country. One man decided that enough was enough, and came down out of his tower on a golden escalator and threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination against 16 experienced and well-connected rivals. He was, from the beginning, regarded as a buffoon and a joke. He was slandered and mocked ruthlessly by all sides. The media swarmed on him and attempted to destroy his candidacy at every opportunity.

It did not matter.

He defeated all of his rivals and secured the nomination. He then went into a general election with the pressure even more intense against him, facing opposition not only from his opponent’s forces, but from the entirety of the mainstream media, which was colluding not only among themselves but actively with his opponent. If that was not bad enough, he was actively and repeatedly stabbed in the back by the Republican establishment, many of whom publicly voiced their desire to see him defeated. It did not matter. None of it mattered. Trump could not be stopped. He is the ultimate winner.


Trump and divine providence


Who among us now cannot at least entertain the possibility that Trump was anointed by God exactly for this purpose? How else can we explain what he accomplished? It should not have been possible. This man literally took on an army singlehandedly and came out victorious. The combined and focused fire of the entire political and media establishment was let loose on this man for over a year. An entire year of blistering, ceaseless attacks, any single one of which would have destroyed the candidacy of most politicians. Yet Trump endured. Not only did he endure, he actively defeated his opponents.

Everyone who opposed him was defeated or humiliated in some fashion. This is the mark of a divine anointing, in my view. It’s not just the fact that Trump won – it’s that he utterly crushed his opponents despite their best efforts to destroy him. I don’t think Trump is particularly religious himself, but that doesn’t matter. God will raise up and anoint whomever he will, for whatever purpose he will. I believe that Trump was anointed for this purpose – to destroy and utterly humiliate the corrupt, ungodly, anti-American political and media establishment that has held this country in a stranglehold for decades.

The pride and wickedness of the elite had reached such a level that any turnaround, perhaps absent a long and bloody civil war, was seen as impossible. But all things are possible for God. And God delights in making fools of the prideful, the corrupt, the abusers of power, who regard themselves as wise and beyond reproach. And so it was that the wealthy, buffoonish reality TV star became the instrument of God’s wrath. The perfect weapon at the perfect time. This was no general or warrior. Those are heroes for another time. This is a media age: God’s anointed must destroy his enemies entirely through the words of his mouth. And that’s exactly what he did. A feat unprecedented not only in American history, but in the history of the entire world. No single man has ever stood up to such combined power and been victorious.

This was divine providence in action.

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  1. Good read…not forgetting the Trump haters are still out there doing their best to sabotage the Trump victory…as always Trump will prevail.

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