Patriot of the Month (November)

We the Vigilant is pleased to announce the November Patriot of the Month winner is: President-Elect Donald J. Trump --->

Donald Trump personifies the  American Dream. He has climbed the ladder, starting from modest beginnings, growing his organization into a global powerhouse.

The public has been familiar with Trump for over 30 years as a successful TV personality and real estate mogul. His attention to detail, passion for excellence and talent for negotiating have been the keys to his business success. Behind the scenes Trump is a philanthropist who has been quietly helping those in need for decades.

The announcement of his presidential campaign took the political world by storm. In the beginning, many believed it was just a PR stunt. The corporate mainstream media implied no one would take him seriously.

They were wrong.

From June 2015 to November 2016, everything was stacked against Trump. From the GOP establishment and the dishonest media to the rigged polls.  This election was an uphill climb for the hotel tycoon before it even bagan.

What the globalist never anticipated, however, was the silent majority and the “monster vote.” These people (who make up a large swath of the middle class) are tired of the status quo, political correctness and New World Order economic policies. Trump spoke directly to them and rode the wave of populism to victory.

Trump is the winner of the November Patriot of the Month because he is first and foremost an American nationalist.  This election was so much more than Democrat vs Republican, it was establishment vs. underdog and  Americanism vs. Globalism.

“Americanism not globalism will be our credo.”

– Donald J. Trump


Trump’s ascendancy represents America’s revival and a repudiation of the globalist oligarchs who have hijacked our country.

We the Vigilant is proud to refer to him as the next President of these United States of America.





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