Barack Obama Unfollows Hillary Clinton on Twitter

President distances himself from toxic Clinton campaign. —>


President Obama has unfollowed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter today following a renewed investigation into Hillary’s private email server and Clinton Foundation.

The host of a popular radio show on RightSideBroadcasting Wayne Dupree confirmed that both Michelle and Barack Obama unfollowed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

In addition, the president has deleted all tweets pertaining to Clinton for the last three years.

This is a sign that the Obamas are looking to distance themselves from the Clinton crime family ahead of an FBI investigation that could nail Hillary to a wall once and for all.

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Barack and Michelle Obama have deleted all tweets pertaining to Hillary Clinton dating back at least three years, Elizabeth Warren unfollowed Hillary on Twitter, and Donna Brazile changed her Twitter cover photo from Hillary to something about voting. Is the establishment finally abandoning their failing candidate?

Twitter discovered the disconnects moments ago on the massive social media platform. At this juncture, it is becoming more and more obvious that “something” is going down. And whatever that is, it is most certainly large in scope. Large enough that the Obamas are now seeking to distance themselves from Hillary.


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