Pastor: Trump Presidency is a “Wrecking Ball” to Globalist Agenda

“Ever since America was born, there have been dark, demonic forces manifest in the political realm out to bring America down,” —>


Author of “When the Lion Roars: Understanding the implications of Ancient Prophecies of Our Time,” Pastor and former law enforcement official Carl Gallups stated in his book that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s brand of Americanism stands in opposition to the globalist agenda backed by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s puppet-masters, chief among them is George Soros, the Rothschilds and a multitude of international banks/shadowy figures in control of the private Federal Reserve.

In a recent interview on “The Jim Bakker” show, Gallups corroborated his point.

“The Civil War election was probably the most profound in the history of our nation, but what makes this different is that now we’re living on the other side of the return of Israel,” he said.

“The World Wide Web has been turned over to the globalists. We now have an explosion of technology that connects the whole world. We’re becoming the Tower of Babel again. And on top of all of that, we have this election between a globalist and a nationalist. This is the most important election in the history of the world because it stands in the middle of the most prophetic times the world has ever seen since the first coming of Jesus Christ.”

“Ever since America was born, there have been dark, demonic forces manifest in the political realm out to bring America down,” he continued. “From the day it was born, Satan has come against it. Now, we are living in these last days, these prophetically profound days. The church and Israel are the targets…and every demonic force is coming against Israel and the church. And the United States of America stands as the bastion of both of those. And Satan hates us.”

The author referred to “globalists” as shadowy figures in government working to institute open border policies on a planetary scale while aiding in the Islamization of the West.

“Shariah cannot exist side-by-side with our Constitution or with our Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage,” Gallups said. “But it also doesn’t exist with the progressive liberal agenda, so called. It doesn’t exist side-by-side with women’s rights, for example. It doesn’t exist side-by-side with homosexual rights. It doesn’t exist side-by-side with all of these major agendas of the progressive left. And people are scratching their heads, saying, ‘Why are they protecting it?’”

“Because they’re using it.”

Gallups later concluded that Donald Trump is the “wrecking ball to all that” and the globalist are “terrified” of him and “what’s going on.”

The former law enforcement official also said he was troubled by President Obama handing control over America’s Internet to foreign entities and the move was part of an agenda by the political elite to change the “America we used to know.”

You can purchase Gallups’ book here.

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