As America’s Corrupt Media Falters into Decline What’s Soon Coming Next Will Shake Washington to Its Very Foundations

A re-opening of the Hillary Clinton investigation is now in play, but it’s not for all the reasons they’re deflecting to, at present, of course.  —> 


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The mainstream media is now collectively gasping for air as the cumulative effects of their biased reporting have now been summarily recognized by the American people, and in a big and very damaging way.

It could be stated that Donald Trump’s calling out of the media has been a bellwether collection of persuasive public events, and rightfully so, even while millions of Americans have read repetitively  slanderous stories on Trump, day after day, and week after week, keenly noticing the hundreds of stories that were missing about Hillary’s  more often than not criminal shortcomings.

America had to go to the alternative media, for the other side of the story, and it did so in droves.

We recognized centralized political corruption on a scale that was staggering, even as the former 4th estate of America embraced the malfeasance as if it were sanctified canon.

We saw the evidence in the debates, we saw it in the bias, the spin, the most favored hacks, the cover-ups; it became so nauseating that many of us simply canceled our local subscriptions. Many  opting to spend money and or time on something other than the activist rags more dedicated to state propaganda than the truth.

Indeed, far too many Americans could see that America’s faltering, across a battle line of building failures and unperplexing shortcomings, as a thing that the forever cloying globalist media observed with ferocious glee.

We could also see that the failure they were embracing could only end up, at some once and future point, with a stunning amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth, as our world collected itself up only to soon collapse all around us.

Indeed, we could all see it coming and it may yet come, things are not going too well anywhere, right now, and another four years might have been or might certainly be the ticket.

On the other hand, maybe that was what they, of the media, all wanted, but did they not stop to consider that the Cloward-Piven collapse they seemed to be angling for was going to hit them far sooner than it hit our wounded society?

In effect, with the advent of the alternative media’s complete coverage of those in power, as compared to a severely co-opted conventional media’s stubbornly incomplete treatment, one that often even failed to cover important political events directly affecting American lives, the game is all but up.

Here’s the thing….

They may have been laughing, then, but we just waited, we could all feel it coming, in the form of “saving the best for last,” and it finally arrived , in an open letter from the FBI to Congress.

A re-opening of the Hillary Clinton investigation is now in play, but it’s not for all the reasons they’re deflecting to, at present, of course.

Please don’t tell us that America once again fell for the information that they’re now trying to sell because that’s not what this is all about, at all. The most telling reasons seem never to be the most operative, at least not in these dystopic times.

They were always in receipt of that “new bit” of information, they were hiding–and they’ve been documented as having more or less covered up everything else, in the form of widespread immunity, to all.

It’s simply how mass corruption rolls, at least to the unscaled eye.

No, but , in fact, the truth is far more damaging than what they’re saying and it’s because of what’s soon coming, and just in time. According to our sources, what America will very soon learn will be something that shakes Washington to its core, and could even cause a constitutional crisis, dependent upon the actions of what a very few in power, ultimately take.

Something truly wicked this way comes…..

This assumes that our sources, once again are correct, and with the FBI announcement today, as the enigma festers, it probably is.

In effect, what we saw the FBI announce today was nothing more than an effort to get out in front of the damaging information about to be disclosed, about Hillary and many others in government, and very soon.

But is the FBI trying to get in front of what might be a careening freight train of chaos? That’s what we’ll soon find out, but we knew, once again, that the most damaging information would be released as late as possible, in order to forestall some typical bit of slick maneuvering, by those in conjugated power.

Regardless of what comes next, one thing is all but certain at least with all things being equal, and that’s that Donald John Trump will be the 45th president of the United States, you can mark that down. By the way, you could hear it in his voice today, and see it in his look, during his announcement of Hillary’s latest problem with the FBI.

But also, In effect, what happened today seemed to confirm the original information that we obtained, and it holds several different meanings.

Aside from all of this bit of delightfully sobering news, to many of us, there’s even more and it’s simply that the corrupt establishment media’s now choking on its own exhaust, and it’s sadly more than about time.

The even more stunning side to all of this is the fact that every single bit of all of this detritus is intricately connected in ways that we could never divine.

However, enough with the cause of the conventional media’s demise, the rest of the story as to the effect comes , fittingly enough– from demise ringleader–the New York Times:

“The gloom began earlier this month, when Gerard Baker, the editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal, sent a memo to employees that said, in part, “every story should be as short as it needs to be.” The next week, William Lewis, the chief executive of Dow Jones, which owns The Journal, announced a newsroom review that he said would be “underpinned by a series of cost-management initiatives.”

Two days later, on Oct. 21, the anvil fell: Mr. Baker informed employees in another memo that The Journal was looking for a “substantial” number of them to take buyouts, and that layoffs were in the offing.

But, the remarkable thing is that the Wall Street Journal, while having been notoriously gracious to Hillary Clinton, over the past 15 months, is certainly not the worst of offenders.

With print advertising continuing to drop precipitously, you would be hard-pressed to find a newsroom devoid of uncertainty anywhere in the country. Companies like Gannett have recently announced layoffs, and its stock price has plunged during a monthslong pursuit of the company that owns The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune. The New York Times recently went through buyouts and has acknowledged that its newsroom will get even smaller next year. And for journalists at The Wall Street Journal, anxiety in the last several weeks has been especially pronounced.

Numerous Journal employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared endangering their jobs, said in interviews and conversations that they have received few specifics from management about the size and scope of the coming cuts.

Mr. Baker said in one of his memos last week that changes to the print newspaper would “involve some consolidation of sections of the paper and the teams that produce it.” The employees said that the staff is now openly speculating about the potential for once-prized sections, including Greater New York and Personal Journal, to be folded or significantly reduced. Separately, employees have been working without a union contract since Oct. 1, and negotiations with the company are ongoing.

“There’s a lot of concern, a lot of worry,” said Timothy Martell, the executive director of the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, the union that represents about 1,300 workers at Dow Jones. “People are anxious, and they want to know how these changes will affect them and their families.””

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