Trump Attorney: Donald “Has a Gift” for Homeless Woman Attacked for Protecting his Hollywood Star

Trump attorney responds to leftist degenerates assaulting a homeless woman for supporting Trump.  —>


After violent, disgusting leftists attacked a homeless woman for standing guard to defend Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard, the attorney representing the Republican nominee himself said on his Twitter account Friday that Mr. Trump “has a gift for her.”

Trump’s star had been previously vandalized by psychopath Clinton supporter James Lambert Otis.

The depraved mob who attacked the homeless woman for protecting the star accused the Trump supporter of “hate” while simultaneously pushing/shoving her to the ground.

There are no bigger hypocrites in the world than modern day “liberals” (Marxists) and their social justice warrior allies.

Luckily, Trump’s attorney Cohen, who is looking for the woman, will likely present her with a gift and an opportunity to tell her story to millions of Americans.

While leftists brand themselves as “progressive” and “tolerant,” the most outspoken left-wingers are often bullies who cannot handle conflicting worldviews that don’t perfectly align with their own.

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