The Truth About Trump’s Detractors

Something people don’t seem to understand about Trump, especially those who attack him —>


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Disdain for Plebs

This man is downgrading to president, do you even understand the significance of that statement? This is a completely voluntary effort on his behalf. He has been through the mud, slandered, abused and betrayed by millions of people, but instead of cowering like most would do, apologizing on their knees at every given opportunity, he runs TOWARDS the fire…I don’t think people understand the level of strength that takes.
Look around you, the people who criticize him for trying to make America great again, never saw America as great in the first place. They see the government as something to exploit, a mealticket, an everlasting welfare state to provide for them. Look at the demographics of these people, they aren’t working Western American man who sees this guy for what he truly is, and what he truly is, is somebody who wants to put your ass back to work. People don’t like that, but all great nations are built on workboots and die in crystal slippers. Trump is the commander who will step on your boot and leave a shine. He wants you to make YOUR OWN MONEY, not take somebody elses. Thats how true wealth is aquired.
Trump didn’t need to do this. He didn’t need to take over the Central Park ice rink and fix it when the government couldn’t. He didn’t need to turn the Bronx landfill into a golf course when the local government was bleeding millions in to fixing it. He doesn’t need to try and fix America’s debt, our trade deals, our culture, and our wealth production, because in doing so he is sacrificing HIS OWN career and family. The people who hate him for trying to make America great again, never liked America to begin with. Thats why you never see them concerned about the debt, jobs, or the inner city crime unless its on an election year, while Trump has been publicly speaking about this FOR OVER 30 YEARS.

And now, after he understands there is nobody who will get things done, because politicians are incapable of disrupting their public appearances and donors, he is willing to yet again sacrifice his personal finances and career to fix this broken situation the government has gotten us in.

Kicking and screaming, pounding and fighting through the whole way, he will carry the American populace to a safer and more wealthy future.

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