Libya Post-Gaddafi: A Radical Islamic Hell Hole

Five years after NATO intervention, Libya is in absolute chaos. —>


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Five years after NATO forces assassinated Libya’s “Brotherly Leader” Muammar Gaddafi (who was likely overthrown due to his support of a gold-backed currency,) the region is in absolute chaos with several Islamic State factions threatening the capital, Tripoli.

Additionally, Libyan tribes are under constant threat from ISIS forces who are raping and murdering them to advance their caliphate.  Gaddafi’s home city Sirte has also fallen to Islamic State militants who beheaded 12 locals in public on August 17.

Sirte is now one of the most dangerous areas in the nation.

The fallout from Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama’s nation building mission in Libya has been disastrous, proving yet again that regime change and foreign military interventionism doesn’t work (nor will it ever work) in the Middle East.

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On November 8, Americans will choose between a Donald Trump-backed foreign policy aimed at defending America only against national security threats, and a George Soros-inspired Hillary Clinton globalist interventionist foreign policy aimed at colonizing the world, overthrowing sovereign leaders and starting endless wars in order to feed the military industrial complex.

For more, read RT’s report below:

Five years ago, strongman Muammar Gaddafi, who had balanced Libyan factions to preserve stability, was hunted down and brutally killed by NATO-backed rebels, but ousting him has resulted in chaos and perpetual bloodshed rather than freedom and prosperity.
These days are busy for Libya. In the capital, Tripoli, a militant faction defied the UN-supported Government of National Unity (GNA) last Friday by declaring its own government. They have since seized a parliamentary building and exchanged sporadic gunfire with loyalist forces.

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  1. The ouster of Gaddafi was done at the bequest of Hillary Clinton…It is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s war along with NATO as was presided by the New World Order that fomented Arab Spring…It was bad enough that George Bush and the New World Order elite had declared war against Afghanistan and Iraq…After the Bush presidency along came hop-a-long Obama and crooked Hillary who opened the doors for ISIS with which we now are engaged in 30 different wars in multiple countries…Gaddafi had made no threats against the US therefore there was no need to oust him…Like Assad of Syria who has also made no threats towards the US…Yet Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wants Assad gone..dead or alive…Gaddafi may have been an a$$hole like so many other dictators we had set up within so many different countries…However allowing rebel forces to wage war against these nations and supplying them with arms and ammunition is wrong…Resulting in the displacement of thousands of the country’s citizens along with the killing of their women and children by either side… This unnecessary war was fomented by Hillary Clinton…Have you noticed no reports have ever been filed as to how many civilians were killed in the war against Libya…This is because we the people are not suppose to know…If we knew how many innocent civilians were being killed by our bombs and rockets many of us in this country might not have approved of Hillary’s war in Libya and else where.

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