Who Won Final Presidential Debate? Drudge Poll Early Results Shows Trump Winning 76% to Hillary’s 24%

Trump focused a good deal on the corruption of Hillary Clinton, her bad experience, and the Democrat party’s fraudulent activity. —>

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While no candidate scored knockout punches, Trump managed to defeat an entirely robotic Hillary Clinton, on both authenticity and substance.

Early Drudge poll results showed that Trump held a 3 to 1 advantage winning 75% of those polled, on the question of who won the debate. with 20,000 individuals polled.

The media, apparently, is experiencing a bit of hyper-drama due to Wallace’s question to Trump on whether or not Trump would accept the election results, should he lose, despite recent proof gleaned from multiple sources confirming an extraordinary amount of illicit activity, as sponsored by the Democrats, regarding election fraud.

ACORN, the illicit Democrat Party organization that propelled Obama into office, after being exposed as a fraudulent organization by project Veritas, was later forcibly disbanded after congress defunded the group, on essentially the same basis as those being exposed, at present.

A number of ACORN’s leaders finally ended up in prison.

Indeed, back in 2000, none other than Hillary’s good friend Al Gore actually contested the election results, with the mainstream media cheering him on, referencing the fact that Bush had won with the electoral college while losing the popular vote to Gore, a thing that has only happened four times in America’s quarter century of existence.

While some conservatives did seem disappointed that Trump failed to deliver a knock-out punch, as he did in the second debate, Trump focused a good deal on the corruption of Hillary Clinton, her bad experience, and the Democrat party’s fraudulent activity.

Hillary, as she often does, seemed almost mirthful in many of her answers, as if she wasn’t taking it all very seriously, while Trump appeared bordering on anger many times, essentially mirroring the mood of the American populace, at present.

Hillary Clinton further seemed to often be delivering pre-scripted answers memorized from her five days of debate prep which some have characterized as a drug vacation so that the potency of her plethora of medications would be at apex during the debate, seen by millions on live TV.

Probably one of the most telling moments was when Hillary nervously refused to stop talking in her defense of the Clinton Foundation, which was dropped from being watched by numerous charity-monitoring sights due to the foundation’s unusual methodology of retaining most of the funds donated while dispersing only a small amount to actual charities,

The nation of Haiti was also brought up, in the debate, due to the fact that the Foundation largely failed to deliver millions in donated funds to the Haitian people, preferring to dole out the lion’s share of donations to Clinton’s cadre of friends and close business associates, who made millions.

While Trump continually managed to nail Clinton on these subjects, Hillary had a difficult time in making any similar arguments against Trump.

Probably, in one of the most powerful exchanges; Trump reviewed Clinton’s sponsorship of violence, at Trump rallies across the nation, as documented by project Veritas, and as attested to by Minions associated with the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Trump’s biggest problem in the debate might have been the fact that Chris Wallace closely controlled the debate, not allowing it to achieve the status of a brawl, which Trump would’ve easily won. The tight controls Wallace measured out all throughout the debate seemed to more or less equalize Hillary’s well-rehearsed but seemingly teleprompted responses.

Wallace,ostensibly, allowed Clinton to speak a bit longer to the point of woodenly filibustering, while also, however, pouncing on several of Clinton’s more flagrant representations.

Trump, while aggressive, stayed within the strictures of brevity while Clinton, at many points, embraced blathering endlessly, with boring talking points repeated from her many stump speeches..

Trump also won on the open borders question and automatic amnesty as espoused by Hillary, along with his responses on the 2nd amendment and the US constitution, while Hillary promoted her globalist social justice agenda, as tantamount to her administration, which, in an anti-establishment year, ultimately equates to Trump’s winning tonight’s debate.

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